1. Player should maintain discipline.
2. Player doesn't belongs to academy. Anything player do outside academy is solely responsible. Neither coach nor academy is responsible for it.
3. If player gets hurts during practice or during match then neither coach nor academy is responsible for it. Player or their parents cannot claim anything or cannot file any case against coach or academy.
4. If any player fights or argue during match then he/she will be rusticated from academy. If player still argues then legal action might be taken again him/her.
5. Time for depositing fees is from 1st to 5th of each month. If failed to do so then admission will gets canceled.
6. If anyone came to visit any player other than parents then he/she should get in touch with either coach or any other academy staff member first. If permitted only then he/she can meet.
7. Players are not allowed to use mobile phones inside playground.
8. If player damages academy property then he/she or their parent should pay for it otherwise legal action will be taken against him/her.
9. Player and their parents needs to submit photocopy of their birth certificate and Aadhar Card.
10. Player should submit application to take leave. If player wants to continue after leaves then he/she needs to submit fees on time.